Murska Sobota Launches the Southern Bypass Road

This summer, the southern bypass road will be launched in Murska Sobota. The work budget is 8 million euros. The total budget for the construction of the bypass road around the city is just over 20 million euros. The project is 80% funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The remaining amount was covered by the municipal budget and other sources.

The new bypass road will reduce traffic on the regional R3-740 highway and will provide a faster, more accessible and safe exit from the city to the Pomurje A5 motorway direction. The southern bypass road around Murska Sobota will be located between the left bank of the Lendava-Mura discharging channel and the eastern outskirts of the city – between the Panonska cesta street and the Plese district.

Launching of the southern bypass road is scheduled for August. According to the mayor of the city Aleksander Jevšek, the new bypass road is a signal to investors, as it will allow developing new infrastructure projects, and will also help maintain air cleanliness within the city. Launching of the road will improve transport communication with the Northeast of the country and will favourably affect the development of the Prekmurje region.