National Geographic Continues to Promote Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

National Geographic continues to promote the resorts of Slovenia. Ljubljana and Bled received another portion of praise from the well-known publication. Moreover, Bled found itself on the first page of the exclusive tourist routes directory being included into the Private Jet Expeditions 2017–2018, ahead of Machu Picchu (Peru), Petra (Jordan), Taj Mahal (India), and the Sydney Opera House (Australia).

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) applauds this decision taken by National Geographic noting that Bled now has become an icon of the exclusive tourist routes.

Recognition by National Geographic is a great compliment to the Slovenian tourism. “This is a recognition of the Slovenia’s authority and worthy appraisal of the hard work of everyone who deals with the tourism industry. The image of a green, active, healthy country that adheres to the principles of sustainable development is distinguished at a high level,” the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board Maja Pak says.

“Experience the Timeless Tranquillity of Lake Bled in Slovenia”

“Trace the rise and fall of some of history’s most fascinating civilizations on an epic journey to less travelled wonders…explore spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites and discover centuries-old castles, palaces, mosques, and cathedrals…experience the timeless tranquillity of Lake Bled in Slovenia,” National Geographic addresses tourists in its new directory. The new destination directory unites six exclusive elite tours around the little-known wonders of the world.

Ljubljana and Bled Are in the List of the World’s Top Attractions

National Geographic has included Slovenia into the tour Great Empires by Private Jet: Exploring Ancient Persia to the Mediterranean. In addition to Iran, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Corsica, the tour also includes the best tourist attractions of Slovenia—Ljubljana and Bled. The overnight accommodation is provided in such Ljubljana hotels as Cubo, Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa or Vander Urbani Resort.

National Geographic offers travellers a comfortable stay and a unique cultural program. Tour price is 68,950 US dollars per person including a charter flight by Boeing 757. The journey can take up to 75 travellers.

Boutique Tourism with Higher Profit

Such tours improve the reputation of Slovenia as a tourist object and the overall image of the country in the international arena. “In addition to the excellent advertising, we received confirmation on that our efforts to develop boutique tourism were successful,” Maja Pak adds.

This is the second important recognition of Slovenia by National Geographic after the recent awarding of Slovenian Tourist Boar at the international ITB Berlin tourism exchange in the sphere of sustainable tourism. STB received the World Legacy Award (category of Destination Leadership).