National Team of Slovenia Takes Bronze at the European Parachuting Championships

The Slovenian athletes had an unsuccessful start. Following the results of the first three series in the classical disciplines of parachuting (accuracy of landing and individual acrobatics), they lagged behind the French and the Hungarians.

After the fifth series, favourites for the medals began to make mistakes. Bad weather conditions in Montenegro during the competition also made their presence felt. The Belarusians, Czechs and Slovenes managed to take advantage of the situation.

The men’s national team of Slovenia includes Roman Karun, Peter Balta, Borut Erjavec, Senad Salkič and Matej Bečan.

Karun took the ninth place in the individual standings. In Podgorica, Igor Primc debuted among juniors, taking the seventh place. His partner Marko Veselič became the twelfth.