Nearly 200 Slovenian Organisations Call on the Government to Address the Climate Change

A wide range of organisations, including environmental non-governmental organisations, public associations of pensioners and health workers, and many others, have adopted a collective appeal to the Government urging the authorities to recognise the problem of climate change as a national crisis and to address it comprehensively yet today.

To date, 179 organisations and over 8,000 people have signed the joint appeal, including the Association of Beekeepers of Slovenia, the Association of Pensioners (ZDUS), the Association of Youth Friends (ZPMS), the Association of Municipalities, Youth for Climate Justice and other organisations.

According to Katja Huš, a representative of Greenpeace Slovenia, all countries of the world should do more to address climate change than they plan to do now. In her opinion, the situation requires decisive and urgent action. “The next ten years will be significant,” Huš emphasised.