New Academic Year Starts in Slovenian Universities

Almost 80 thousand students have recently started a new academic year in 5 universities, 48 ​​private higher education institutions and 46 colleges.

In 2017, at the first round of the admission process, 10,899 students were admitted to study. A total of 18,147 vacant places were provided. The majority of vacant places were allocated by the University of Ljubljana—9,417, for which 9,757 applicants applied during the first round of the admission process. The University of Maribor provided 5,008 vacant places and 3,123 enrollees applied for them.

The University of Primorska reserved 1,598 vacant places. During the first round of the admission process, 921 entrants were enrolled. At the University of Nova Gorica, with 315 places available, 27 applicants were admitted. Other institutions of higher education, where a total of 1,830 places were provided, enrolled 471 entrants from among 613 registered applicants during the first round.

Students in Slovenia have an opportunity of choosing from 900 licensed study programmes and enjoy many social privileges. For example, there are state subsidies for meals (student bons) and preferential travel in public transport for all university students.