New International Project of the UP FAMNIT Biodiversity Department in Cooperation with Partners from Croatia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta

The UP FAMNIT Biodiversity Department in cooperation with partners from Croatia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta got a new project worth 5 million euros, financed through the Life Program of the European Commission.

The Associate Professor Dr. Bojan Lazar leads the project titled «Euroturtle – Collective Actions for Improving the Conservation Status of the EU Sea Turtle Populations» within the framework of the Biodiversity Department. It aims at comprehensive protection of the European populations of loggerheads by developing a coordinated protection and integration of the main breeding and feeding habitats within the EU waters. The project includes the development of new scientific methods and alternative instruments for the monitoring and protection of the populations in the marine habitats. This is the main task of the researchers from an interdisciplinary team of specialists of the Biodiversity Department, UP IAM and the Applied Natural Sciences Department, UP FAMNIT.

We sincerely congratulate the team of researchers and wish them further professional success!