New Prospects of Film Tourism in Slovenia

Slovenia joined more than 30 countries, giving international filmmakers and investors the right to reimbursement of funds spent on film shooting and production.

This was one of the main reasons why Slovenia could not become a spot for shooting box office hits, even though it has been claiming the shooting for a long time and was mentioned in projects of well-known filmmakers. However, due to the inability of using the right to reimbursement, film directors and producers kept giving their preference to other countries, as noted by the expert cinematographer Nastja Kotnik, who occupied different positions in the Slovenian film industry and has recently worked with Norwegian colleagues. During their visits to Slovenia, foreigners are willing to get acquainted with the sights, they are attracted by the Old Town of Ljubljana, Bled, Kranjska Gora, etc. However, without financial incentives, foreign directors did not dare shoot movies in Slovenia. Today, they have such a possibility, says Kotnik.

The development of cinematographic tourism in Slovenia will lead to an increase in the popularity of tourist services (the growth of overnight stays, attendance of the hospitality industry institutions), and will enhance the image of places where movie screenings take place. After the arrival of foreign film crews, Slovenia will certainly receive new job places, reports Tina Lamovšek, a journalist from the Radio Slovenija.