New Slovenian Movinun Brand — Clothing Made from Eco-Friendly Materials

A story about a business project launched by Maša Černovšek-Logar and Boštjan Bajec.

Maša Černovšek-Logar and Boštjan Bajec are the authors of the Movinun brand of clothing made from environmentally friendly materials. They are calling everybody for action.

A young Slovenian brand of sophisticated clothing Movinun has literally “moved” from the Internet to one of the busiest main streets of Ljubljana — Trubarjeva cesta. Its founders, an architect Maša Černovšek-Logar and Doctor of Psychology Boštjan Bajec, call to action. They do the same by manufacturing clothing from organic cotton, which will contribute to a positive change in society.

The entrance sign plates reading “Sophisticated Fashion” and “Made in Slovenia” report everybody about the key Movinun brand credo, which presents clothes that seem to address buyers demonstrating a thematic collection “Listen. See. Think. Speak. Act.” “These are the incentive words,” explain Maša Černovšek-Logar and Boštjan Bajec, an assistant at the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana. This autumn they plan to inspire their potential buyers with a new collection, which is kept in secret. They have chosen the words from the Esperanto language for their brand name, because this language belongs to nobody, but is available for everyone.

The start is less ambitious

“We plan to create a group of likeminded people around Movinun and invite everyone. We have recently organized a photo shoot for our customers, supporters and friends. We dressed in our products and went for a walk in Ljubljana, during which we took photos of ourselves as models for our website and Facebook profile. We had a pleasant time. We plan to do the same each month,” Maša said. The fashion generated by her ideas and a sewing machine has another steady focus. They offer not so many clothes as other brands or major stores, as the commodity stocks are regulated by taking into account the rating of sales and existing demand. Samples of clothing if necessary are adapted individually for each customer. The creators of clothing did not specifically adjust to the cycle of seasonal collections and the corresponding decline in prices, because they are convinced that a buyer should consider a piece of clothes as an object, to which he or she gets used and is happy to wear for many years.