The New Year in Slovenia: Record Number of Tourists Is Expected

At the height of December celebrations, Ljubljana tops the last year’s tourism record levels. More than 100 thousand visitors are expected to meet the New Year in the Old City. Thousands of Slovenes and tourists from other countries will meet the longest night of the year in Kranj, Koper and Velenje.

According to the Facebook survey, three-quarters of Slovenes are going to celebrate the New Year in Slovenia. Despite this, a significant part of respondents is planning to travel. Belgrade remains one of the most popular destinations for winter holidays. This year, it expects for about 20,000 Slovenian guests.

Tour operators, inviting local and foreign tourists to participate in the celebrations, expect high attendance of the New Year activities in Ljubljana.

In Anticipation of December Records

This year, the Municipal Tourism Board (Turizem Ljubljana) expects a record attendance of the New Year events. “For the first 18 days of December, if compared to the same period last year, the number of overnight stays increased by 13.4%,” the Board authorities note and add that in December about 1 million people have already visited the festivities in Ljubljana.

Therefore, their predictions about the number of the capital visitors for the holiday are optimistic. Last time, around 100,000 people celebrated the New Year in Ljubljana, and this year this figure will grow.

Part of the Costs is Assigned to Private Contractors

The New Year in Ljubljana will cost 210,000 euros. This sum should be further added with the coverage of costs for lighting, the total amount of which is not yet known, because the public lighting administrator shall decorate the city under the concession contract. Part of the music program is managed by a private company Agencija K. The Company takes over the financing and organization of three musical performances in the centre of Ljubljana. According to the Company’s director Matjaž Štigl, the funds to finance the activities are raised at the expense of sponsorship.

Любляна Новогодний феерверк, Ljubljana New Years fireworks

It Is Still Possible to Rent a House in Maribor for the New Year in Slovenia

In Maribor, 70,000 euros were allocated for the city decoration. Four Christmas trees donated by local residents were installed in the city. Their installation and dismantling will cost 9,000 euros (about 2,000 per tree).

In the past year, according to the local Tourism Centre, 12,000 people met the New Year in the capital of Styria.

Kranj Expects More Than Four Thousand Visitors

The municipality of Celje did not provide information on the planned attendance of celebrations, but in other major cities of the country, the local authorities were more explicit.

In Kranj, 80,000 euros were allocated for the organization of festive events. This amount includes expenses for activities, logistics, safety, decoration and advertising. “This year’s festival program has been prolongued from two weeks to a month,” Manca Strugar from the city Centre of Culture and Tourism says. For the New Year, Kranj waits for at least 4,000 guests, the same as last year.

A New Ice Rink Opens in Koper

The Koper authorities do not dare to predict how many people will meet the New Year in the city. “The number of visitors will depend on the weather,” Andreja Čmaj Fakin from the Koper Tourist Organization says.

About 50,000 euros were allocated for the December program of activities, which covers the whole month together with festive exhibitions, the ice rink opening and the New Year celebration. The sum of 10,000 euros was further allocated for the New Year’s fireworks, which will be held on the sea beach. “Installing the festive lighting is included into the concession agreement,” Andreja Čmaj Fakin emphasizes.

The Residents of Velenje Will Enjoy Amusements for Kids Instead of Fireworks

The same number of visitors as last year will meet the New Year in Velenje. 2,500 people celebrated the New Year at the Tito Square. The municipality has allocated around 80,000 euros for the city decoration, the festive events and the ice rink. An employee of the city administration Maša Kočevar says that instead of the cancelled fireworks, the funds will be spent on the children’s amusements.