Noah Charney: Slovenia Is the Best Country for Life

The American historian of culture and writer, who has always dreamed of living in Europe, has chosen Slovenia not only because his wife comes from this country. According to him, Slovenia has just been created for family life.

Noah grew up in New Haven, where the famous Yale University is located. The city is located between New York and Boston, but American cities have never attracted the writer. During his life, he managed to live in Rome, Madrid, Florence, Venice, Leiden (Holland), London, Cambridge, Orvetti (Italy), Paris and the south of France.

Noah moved to Ljubljana after his new friend historian of culture Peter Krečič offered him to enter a PhD study programme in a capital university. There Charney met his future wife Urška.

Comparing his experience of living in different countries, the writer says that Slovenia is the best country for life. For last 5 years, he has been living in Kamnik together with his family.

“Slovenia has just been created for family life. We pay a very low price for a high standard of living. The insurance system is great, kindergartens work well, and all conditions for young families are created. I have already tried a lot in my life, and I have not seen a better country. An ordinary person can live well here,” Noah is sure.

The writer studied Slovene language while communicating with others. Now, when his daughters have grown a little, he plans to enrol in Slovene language courses.

“My Slovene, perhaps, is quite tolerable. However, it will not be too good if after living in Slovenia for 20 years, I would not know how to use endings,” Noah says adding that he likes to write about Slovenian culture.

Noah writes articles to a local magazine in Kamnik.

“I always write about the fact that life flows here in a different way. Since I see only positive moments, I have nothing to criticize,” the writer adds, noting that the locals have accepted him well.

Noah studied the history of culture in the US and Cambridge, earns living by writing articles (writes for The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Altantic, Salon) and books. He also studies crimes in the field of art. At the Faculty of Philosophy, he reads a course on how to sell his texts.

“Slovenians who speak English well can write for foreign publications without problems. My students in Ljubljana sometimes write in English grammatically more correctly than students in the United States,” Noah remarks.