Noise and Thermal Insulation Products for Jaguar Cars Are Produced in a Small Settlement of the Dolenjska Region

The Treves Company from the settlement of Bič (Trebnje municipality, Dolenjska region) produces noise and thermal insulation products for Jaguar E-pace cars. It has recently launched the production of similar components for the electric Jaguar I-pace model.

The French family-owned company Treves specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of noise and thermal insulation for cars. 13 years ago, it opened a new factory for the supply of components for Revoz (Novo Mesto). At that time, the company had 30 employees. Today, the factory employs 140 people and 13 robots. The installation of the 14th robot is currently in progress.

The company’s products are present in cars of such brands as Renault, Mercedes Smart, Fiat, and Jaguar. At the end of 2017, the company produced 17 million euros of revenue. The planned figure for the current year is 20 million euros.

A year and a half ago, Treves agreed with Eurotek on the construction of a 4,000 m² production workshop. Funds for its construction, as well as the development of products, tools, procurement and launch of a new production line were received as part of an investment project worth 7 million euros. The project allowed the opening of 65 new work places. In the autumn of 2017 (after putting the workshop into operation), the company entered a batch manufacturing of products for the Jaguar E-pace cars. Treves has also recently begun to manufacture equipment for the sport electric car Jaguar I-pace. Both models are manufactured at the Magna Factory in Graz, Austria.

As the Treves Director Andrej Baškovič emphasizes, the new contracts allow the company to enter the category of premium cars, expand its presence in various segments and in several markets, increase competitiveness and reduce risks for business.

It should be noted that insulation for cars is made from polymeric foam. Felted cloth is another product, also hidden from the gaze of an outsider. Felt is a sound absorber and has been recently increasingly used in electric cars. In addition, the company produces car mats, side trims for luggage compartment and luggage racks.