Nova Gorica Attracts an Increasing Number of Tourists

Nova Gorica is becoming a place of mass pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

Last year, the Tourist Information Centre recorded 160,000 overnight stays, which is 6% higher than a year earlier. The Centre Head Dejana Baša says, “Avid cyclists and hikers are our frequent visitors. It is very interesting for them to stay at the Soča River and, of course, near the surrounding natural attractions, such as the Trnovsko-Banjška plateau and the Vipava valley. If we direct guests to the Vipava valley, we emphasize on the culinary offerings and the wine collection, and the Trnovsko plateau is a real green paradise for cyclists.”

Нова Гориця приваблює туристів

The Vipava Valley has prepared a rich culinary offer and wine collection for tourists.

Today the Sabotin Park of Peace (Park miru na Sabotinu in Slovenian) is visited more frequently. The administrator Bogdan Potokar says that before the end of June 30 thousand people visited the Park. “During the World War I, the front line was in Sabotin. We have arranged series of trenches where the soldiers lived, stored weapons, and constructed pinfolds. This historic site is perfectly well maintained. We upgraded wooden barracks in front of the trenches and made a special decoration of one of the trenches for guests,” Potokar added.

Nova Gorica is the best travel destination for the Italians followed by the Austrians, the Germans, and the Chinese.