OHO, Marko Pogačnik and Vadim Fiškin Represent Slovenia at the 57th Venice Biennale

Three out of 120 artists represent Slovenia at the 57th Venice Biennale. From 13 May to 26 November 2017, the OHO team, Marko Pogačnik and Vadim Fiškin will exhibit their works at the most prestigious art exhibition.

Marko Pogačnik returns to the exhibition after more than 30 years of silence. In 1978, his project “Družina v Šempasu” participated in the Venice Biennale along with the pavilion in Yugoslavia in Giardinih Bienala. The OHO team, as Marko Pogačnik stated in his interview with Delo, will be presented by a retrospective collection of documents from the New York Museum MoMA, the Venice International Gallery of Modern Art and other sources: from the works of OHO participants to the “Summer Projects” (“Poletni projekti” in Slovenian) by Naška Križnarja, whose works were exhibited in 1970 in the MoMA museum. Pogačnik will also submit his own drawings, books and a series of paintings devoted to the comparison of Venice with Paris and London. Simultaneously, a number of other special events is planned, including Marko Pogačnik’s speech in front of the Biennale guests. Especially for the visitors of the Biennale, Pogačnik will prepare a set of his physical and spiritual exercises “A Touch of Gaia” (“Dotik Gaje” in Slovenian) devoted to the spiritual development of a person and harmony with nature.

Na Beneškem bienalu

Vadim Fiškin, a Russian artist living and working in Slovenia since 1996, has already represented this country at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 with the project “Another Transient Day” (“Še en hiter dan” in Slovenian). The project was exhibited in the Slovenian pavilion in the Gallery A + A. In his interview, Fiškin said that in the pavilion “Time and Infinity” (“Čas in neskončnost” in Slovenian), he would present the project “Doors” (“Vrata” in Slovenian), which could be viewed in the Vrt Devic park of arts in the Arsenal.

Last time, the Slovenian artists participated in the selective exhibitions in 2003 as part of the 50th Biennale on the theme “Dreams and Conflicts” (“Sanje in konflikti” in Slovenian) with the “Dictatorship of Viewer” (“diktatura gledalca” in Slovenian) project, the author: Igor Zabel. In addition, Slovenia was represented by the project “Individual Systems” (“Individualne sisteme” in Slovenian) by Mark Peljhan and the Irwin group. They collaborated with the colleagues of Igor Zabel: curator Carlos Basualdo and Marjetico Potrč, who participated in the project “Structure of Survival” (“Struktura preživetja” in Slovenian).

Nika Autor Tells about the Silenced Stories

Nika Autor will represent Slovenia at the Venice Biennale. Her works will be on display at the Arsenal as well. She will tell the hidden, unknown stories of lives of ordinary people by means of short films, documentary films and a film-essay, in which she will demonstrate her mastery of images and words.

Source: rtvslo.si