One of the Oldest Castles in Slovenia Is Offered for Sale

The Zečević family, owners of the Slovenian castle Podčetrtek, has been trying to sell it for 20 years. The owners ask 370,000 euros at

The Podčetrtek castle is one of the oldest in Slovenia. The first record on the castle dates back to 1261. The last owner of the castle until 1945 was the Attems family. Attems purchased the castle in 1682 and rebuilt it in the Baroque style. After 1945, the castle fell into decay and was gradually ruined. It was possible to save only a few works of art, which are now stored in the Museum of Posavja (Brežice).

The majestic building is located on a hill from which a picturesque panorama of the historical centre of Podčetrtek opens. The castle was built on the old state border near the Sotla River, historically separating Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, and is named in honour of the fourth day of the week—the day of trade and legal proceedings held outside the village.

In 1874, the castle underwent major repair and restoration works. After the earthquake in the Kozjansk region in 1974, the castle was partially damaged, and in the current state, it is even dangerous for visitors.

The total area of ​​the Podčetrtek castle, according to the announcement, is 2,626 sq. m. By now, the castle has been in a deplorable condition for several decades. According to the mayor, the municipality of Podčetrtek hopes to find opportunities to restore the castle and all nearby facilities, terraces and granaries, because this will increase the tourist attractiveness of the region.