Opening of the Laboratory for Process and Business System Engineering at the Faculty of the University of Maribor

On 10 February, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Maribor in Kranj opened the Laboratory for Process and Business System Engineering. According to Professor Tomaž Kern, the main purpose of the Laboratory is to train young professionals how to organize efficient processes in enterprises and develop successful leadership skills.

As part of the “Engineering of Business Systems” (“Inženiring poslovnih sistemov”, IPS) study program, teachers and assistants, in cooperation with various companies, gathered new teaching material and worked on the creation of the Laboratory.

The Laboratory for Process and Business System Engineering is a simulator of an operating company, where students can get acquainted with the processes of selling, purchasing, planning, developing, logistics and production. They may even develop their own services and produce products of practical value. Students acquire a lot of business and marketing knowledge and skills. At the same time, it is not just about combining theoretical and practical knowledge, but also an excellent launch pad for employment of the Faculty’s students in companies that support the idea of opening the Laboratory.

Equipping the Laboratory on a turnkey basis became possible due to the companies of the Upper Carniola statistical region (Gorenjska regija): Iskraemeco, d. d., Iskra Mehanizmi, d. o. o., Lotrič Meroslovje, d. o. o., OPL, d. o. o., 3Way, d. o. o., Polycom, d. o. o., Četrta pot, d. o. o.

Study programs of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the University of Maribor, were advanced in accordance with the modern scientific and technological developments. Integration of teachers, employers and students within the Laboratory is a unique opportunity to link educational and training processes together with the practical work to improve the statistics of employment among graduates.