Opinion Poll: Slovenians Are Ever More Optimistic About Their Lives and Their Country

Almost a third of respondents believes that life in Slovenia is getting better.

According to the survey, the year 2017 in Slovenia will be more successful than the year 2016. So says almost half of the participants in the survey, which was conducted by the Delo Edition. Only 10% of respondents reply pessimistically that the next year will be worse than the present.

The experts of the Delo Edition have compared the results of the new opinion poll with the results of the previous years and found out that respondents always expressed the hope for the better new year. The only exception was in 2014. Then the percentage of those looking with hope to the future was less than the percentage of those who believed that nothing would change. The expectations for 2017 are more joyful. For the first time in the last four years, optimists outnumbered pessimists, because 49% of respondents hope for the best.

According to the opinion poll, 63% of respondents who earn from 1,100 and 1,500 euros net per month are convinced that this year has been successful. Citizens aged 24 to 34 years also agree with this statement. Besides, 61% of respondents from this group reply that the expiring year has been fruitful.

The share of pessimists, who expect that 2017 will be worse than the outgoing year, noticeably reduced. In the past, the figure was about 25%, and this year, it is less than 10%. The share of those, who expect that there will be no major changes in the future, is 39%. The share of respondents with such beliefs has not changed in the last four years.

One-third of Respondents in the Opinion Poll Sees the Progress of Slovenia

Almost a third of respondents believes that life in Slovenia has improved. 43% of respondents state that the country is going through a period of stagnation. Over 20% of respondents are assured that the country is regressing.

As the opinion poll shows, the majority of those people who see the progress of Slovenia belong to the supporters of the Miro Cerar’s political party (SMC), the social democrats and pensioners. Regression and deterioration of living in Slovenia are noted by adherents of the Slovenian Democratic Party and the respondents indicated that they did not plan to participate in the elections. They are also joined by those who noted that they did not support any of the parties.

The Delo’s opinion poll has shown that health continues to be the main value for the Slovenes. It is followed by family happiness and peace. Respondents put the material well-being to the fourth place, while freedom, democracy and careers close the list of values.

The Majority of Slovenes Will Meet the New Year 2017 with Their Families

When asked where they would celebrate the New Year, the majority of respondents answered—”at home” and “with family” (72%). 10% of Slovenes will celebrate the holiday with friends and acquaintances. Only a few percent of respondents are going to celebrate the New Year 2017 under the open sky. The same number of respondents are planning to do so in a foreign resort.

The majority of respondents will spend the same amount of money as last year for the New Year’s and Christmas gifts. Less than a third of respondents will spend less than last year.

Only 7% of Respondents Use Firecrackers

The questionnaire also had a question on using fireworks. 93% of respondents answered that they did not use firecrackers and objects creating much noise. Only 7% of respondents confirmed their use of firecrackers.

The editorial board of the Delo Edition ordered the opinion poll. The Delo Stik Market Research Department conducted the online survey on a representative sample of 504 adult citizens from 14 to 15 December 2016.

Source: rtvslo.si