Palladio Finanziaria Buys Slovenian Company Cimos?

TV Slovenija has at its disposal an agreement signed by the Italian Foundation Palladio Finanziaria with the representatives of trade unions and the management of the Cimos Company. According to journalists, the deal is nearing completion.

As expected, this week the Bank Debt Management Company (DUTB) is completing the negotiations with the Italian investor Palladio Finanziaria Foundation regarding the purchase of the Slovenian company Cimos, which employs about 4,000 workers. According to the journalists from TV Slovenija, the partners have already settled all legal issues.

In Koper, representatives of the Italian side held a formal meeting with the management and employees—the representatives of the two countries—and finally signed the agreement a few days ago. According to the agreement, the Italian Foundation is obliged to invest 35 million euros (not 20 million as originally planned) in Cimos. Then, another 50 million euros will be invested in the Slovenian company during the next 2 years.

According to the agreement, salaries will remain at the same level. However, a reduction in personnel cannot be avoided.

The Italians are obliged to keep the Cimos trademark and the Company’s headquarters in Koper. In addition, they are going to respect all the regulations regarding the use of the Slovenian language in the paperwork.