Participants of the IX Culinary Festival in Idrija Surprise Guests with Unusual Chocolate Žlikrofi (Ravioli)

The history of Idrijski žlikrofi, ravioli with potato filling, began more than 200 years ago. During the Ninth Culinary Festival “Holiday of Idrijski Zlikrofi”, organized by the Youth Centre of Idrija, all certified manufacturers and local tourism institutions that cook žlikrofi according to the traditional recipe presented their products.

This year, the novelty of the event was chocolate žlikrofi in sweet sauce, which are cooked only in the Barbara Cafe in Idrija. Original žlikrofi of black chocolate, raisins and lavender, sprinkled with wild berries sauce, and žlikrofi of white chocolate with strawberries, poured with sage sauce generated a real uproar among the festival guests.

The Barbara Cafe will soon start selling chocolate žlikrofi decorated with dough lace in gift packs. In addition to chocolate žlikrofi, the Barbara Cafe also offers traditional Idrijski žlikrofi with bacala[*] and Barbarino sauce made of chestnuts and cream with a rich creamy taste.

Idrijski žlikrofi are included in the register of the European Commission as a traditional dish of Slovenian cuisine.

Within the framework of the Festival “Holiday of Idrijski Zlikrofi”, the employees of the tourism industry from Villach (Carinthia, Austria), settlement of Črna na Koroškem and Bovec also presented their dishes.


[*] Bacala or salted cod is a traditional dish of Italian cuisine.