Personnel Policy of the Major Slovenian Employers

The biggest Slovenian employers hire agency workers to adapt to the market conditions rather than for savings. Leaders of the labour market are the Krka, Revoz and Lek companies.

Searching for new employees through recruitment agencies is a standard practice in the EU Member States. This allows the Slovenian companies quickly and successfully adjust staff size based on the current labour market conditions. The Lek, Krka and Revoz companies turn to recruiting agencies in order to always employ as many workers, as their manufacturing departments require.

Krka began working with recruiting agencies due to constantly changing business plans caused by the market instability. Employment in this Slovenian company is provided by the largest recruitment agencies M Servis, Kariera and Adecco, which correspond to the highest standards of quality and have a professional attitude to their applicants. The Krka Company employs 4,367 workers, and apart from them, the other 20% of staff are agency workers. More than half of such workers already have contracts with agencies for an unlimited period of time.

Krka: Agency Workers Enjoy All the Privileges

“This form of employment is caused not by a desire to save money, but by the need of searching for more flexible forms of employment, which allows a quick respond to the market needs,” the HR Manager of Krka Boris Dular explains. They recruit workers without specialized education through agencies to work in the field of pharmaceutics.

During two years of work in the Slovenian company Krka, they undergo practical training, receive the necessary education and acquire skills for obtaining the national vocational qualification certificate. Therefore, such workers may count on signing a contract with an agency for an indefinite period.

“Agency workers enjoy the same privileges (Christmas bonus to the salary, bonuses for successful work, etc.) that the Krka employees do. We fully control the accounting statements and the mechanism of salary awarding,” Boris Dular says.

Revoz: from Agency to Company

The Revoz representatives also note that the employment of workers through recruitment agencies is the fastest and most effective way to regulate the company staff depending on the volume of production. Today, Revoz employs about 700 agency workers. More than 300 employees were recruited only for the night shift.

“We will not change our tradition and will hire agency workers directly into the Revoz Company,” the Head of the Department for Communication and Public Relations Nevenka Bašek Zildžović explains. The Revoz agency workers have the same rights as full-time employees including the volume of payments and conditions of work. Currently the M-Servis and Kariera recruitment agencies represent the majority of agency workers in the Revoz Company.

Lek: Agency Workers Have Equal Rights with Staff Members

In Lek, as of December 2016, about 3,600 full-time workers and about 700 agency employees are working. Lek hires employees through the Adecco and Kariera recruitment agencies. Candidates, who were employed through agencies, work in similar conditions as the staff members, because the company acts in full compliance with the Slovenian legislation, health requirements and norms of labour protection Novartis, as well as safety precautions. “The nature of our operations and production is unpredictable. Medical supplies refer to a dynamic and flexible sphere. We trust personnel agencies because they skilfully and quickly choose necessary personnel, thereby saving significantly our time. Agency employees are eligible to receive a Christmas bonus to the salary, bonuses and other additional payments for the conditions and the success in working. They may also enjoy all the necessary conditions to become familiar with the processes of production, professional training, and the best workers get employment opportunities in our company on an ongoing basis,” a board member of the Lek Company and HR Manager Samo Roš says.