Peter Prevc and Tina Trstenjak Are the Athletes of the Year in Slovenia

The ski jumper Peter Prevc, the judoka Tina Trstenjak and the national ice hockey team received the title of the Athlete of the Year 2016.

The athletes received certificates from the Association of Slovenian Sports Journalists (DŠNS) at a ceremony in the Cankar Centre (Cankarjev dom — in Slovenian). 119 sports journalists participated in the voting.

Peter Prevc Beat the Yachtsman Žbogar

Peter Prevc (266 votes) celebrated the victory by a head among men. The second place went to the sailor Vasilij Žbogar (124 votes), and the third place was taken by the World Motocross Champion in the MX1 class Tim Gajser (120 votes).

Last season, Peter Prevc won a series of New Year competitions, became the world’s champion in ski flying, and dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s by winning the big crystal globe. The runner and the silver medallist in Atlanta Brigita Bukovec awarded Peter Prevc the golden torch as the best athlete of the country.

Tina Trstenjak Is the Best in the Women’s Standings

In the women’s standings, the judoka Tina Trstenjak confidently beat (346 votes) the judoka Anamari Velenšek (181 votes) and the sports climber Janjo Garnbret (109 votes). Tina Trstenjak became the champion of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the category up to 63 kilograms. The legendary Slovenian rower and Olympic champion Iztok Čop presented Tina with the Prize for the best athlete of the year.

The “Risi” Team Is Ahead of the Handball Players

The Slovenian national hockey team, which in September, for the second time in a row, guaranteed its participation in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea, became the Team of the Year. Dušan Hauptman awarded the head coach of “Risi” team Nik Zupančič. The ice hockey players (61 votes) were ahead of the handball players (49 votes) and canoeists (5 votes).

Janja Garnbret Is the Most Promising Young Athlete

Janja Garnbret, the world champion and winner of the World Cup, was awarded as the most promising young athlete. The shooter and the champion of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Veselka Pevec became the best physically disabled athlete.

The ceremony was led by the Slovenian TV journalist Sanja Modrić, and Nina Pušlar and Zlatko were the musical guests.

Borut Pahor and Maja Makovec Brenčič Greeted the Athletes

Before the ceremony in the Cankar Centre, the Slovenian athletes attended the office of the President Borut Pahor and the Minister of Science, Education and Sports Maja Makovec Brenčič.