Petra Greiner Becomes the Slovene Woman of the Year

Readers of the famous Slovenian magazine Jana chose Petra out of 10 women nominated for the title of Slovene Woman of the Year 2017. A congenital genetic defect in her daughter motivated Petra to spread knowledge about people from different social groups.

“We have included into the selection beautiful, inspiring, cordial and determined women, who by their participation contributed to the fact that the year 2017 became a special one,” the editorial office of the magazine notes.

Petra Greiner, having founded the Zavod 13 Centre, thereby contributed to raising awareness of children with special needs.

“She has prepared several resonant exhibitions and events that made it possible to remove the veil of fear regarding various forms of differentiation. An energetic inhabitant of Maribor believes that in our life, there are no obstacles, but only challenges that she faces with incredible inner strength. Petra Greiner is convinced that women play a key role in the care and upbringing of children with special needs, whom she calls specific children. If parents accept their child themselves, then the whole family and, ultimately, the whole society will accept the child as well,” they also stress.