Pianist Momčilo Petrović: Ljubljana Is an Ideal City for Students

Almost 2,000 students from the former Yugoslav Republic study in Ljubliana.

The authorities of Ljubljana have created all conditions for life and scientific work of students, says a 24-year-old pianist from Belgrade Momčilo Petrović, who is studying at the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana.

“The Academy of Music in Ljubljana has very spacious halls and classrooms. Here are the best instruments, the best pianoforte and many opportunities for performances. I have been living here for just 7 months, but I have already attended four live auditions and got a chance to perform together with the Orchestra, which is an invaluable experience. Unfortunately, in Belgrade, I could not get it all,” Momčilo Petrović compares the Belgrade University to the University of Ljubljana. He is one of 1,645 full-time students of the University of Ljubljana, who represent the former Yugoslav Republic. It is worth enlarging this figure with another 163 students, who this year study at the University of Ljubljana on international exchange programs. Most of them represent Croatia (505), Macedonia (500), Bosnia and Herzegovina (404), Serbia (124), and Kosovo (64).

Almost a year ago, Momčilo Petrović moved to the Slovenian capital following his mentor Alexander Serdar, who left the Belgrade Academy of Music and went to teach in Ljubljana.

Momčilo is delighted with the opportunities provided by the education in Ljubljana. “Everything is organized on the highest level. I really like the student’s meal system for “bons” (special food discount for students). In general, this place has all conditions for students. In addition, many cultural events take place in Ljubljana. The world’s leading musicians often come here.”

Momčilo Petrović has been playing the piano since the age of 6 and devotes most of his free time in Ljubljana to music lessons. “Music is the main thing in my life, which determines its entire course. I practice every day for 5 hours, and even longer before the concerts.”

At first, Momčilo Petrović had difficulties in speaking Slovenian, but now he experiences almost no problems. Where there is a desire to talk, people will always find an opportunity to understand each other, he believes.

“When I came here, I sometimes had to communicate with my roommate in English. Despite the fact that our languages ​​are similar, there are still a lot of incomprehensible words. At first, it was not easy, but gradually I started to speak better in Slovenian, and my roommate also learned some Serbian words and expressions.”

To Stay or to Return Home?

Despite the good conditions for living and studying, Momčilo still misses his family, friends and home. Nevertheless, he wants to stay in Ljubljana for as long as possible. The virtuoso young musician has already received many awards thanks to his diligence, and Ljubljana in his person received a talented master, who should be kept in Slovenia.

Source: rtvslo.si