Planned Repair of the Railway Track on the Ljubljana – Jesenice Route

The Slovenian Government announced plans to repair the railway in the Ljubljana – Jesenice direction. The project will consist of several stages. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be implemented until 2023. The first phase of the work, which is estimated to cost 22.23 million euros, will be carried out entirely at the expense of the state budget. The estimated total budget of the entire project ranges from 377.71 to 413.54 million euros.

At the initial stage of the process, preparation of documents for the commencement of construction works is envisaged, which, among other things, includes the development of an ideological project, implementation plans and investment documentation.

During the work, it is planned to improve the technical condition of the railways, which will increase the speed of transportation and their safety. It is also expected to carry out work on noise insulation, upgrade the system of electricity supply and replace the worn-out rolling stock. It should be noted that the last repair work on this route was carried out more than 30 years ago. The railway between Ljubljana and Jesenice was opened in 1870.