Plans and Prospects for the Construction of New Residential Communities and Road Junctions in Ljubljana

Where in Ljubljana, new residential communities are planned for erection?

With the revival of real estate market and a shortage of high-quality buildings in Ljubljana, the appetite for new projects is growing. One of these projects is planned for the Parmova Street behind the Bežigrad.

For decades, an abandoned land plot owned by the Lesnina Veletrgovina Company has been located at a stone’s throw from the city centre.

A two-year old detailed plan of the area (OPPN 322) involves the construction of houses for 140 apartments and 370 parking spaces in two underground garages. Lesnina Veletrgovina and a private medical centre Latros are the initiators of the project for developing more than 1 hectare of land between the Parmovo Street and a stone railway haul. Lesnina Veletrgovina can build four apartment blocks.


Several opportunities are available

The owner of the Lesnina Veletrgovina Company Stojan Oštir notes that he is considering several options: a full and final sale of the spatial design project and the land plot, the search for a second co-investor, or the decision on an independent sole investment.

“If I had sufficient funds at the moment, I would immediately proceed to the construction process. I am sure that we are talking about one of the best places in Ljubljana. After all, the land plot is located in a peaceful quiet neighbourhood with all necessary infrastructure, at a distance of a 10 minutes’ walk from the capital centre,” Stojan Oštir believes.

The construction of mainly apartment blocks is planned

According to the already developed project, the construction of apartment blocks for 80–120 apartments is possible at this land plot. Each 4-storey block would have 25 apartments with 4 apartments per floor and two penthouses on the roof.

As a whole, it is planned to provide the living area of more than 7,000 m2 net. The apartments would have an area of 60 to 120 m2.
Stojan Oštir has already inquired at the real estate agencies about the existing interest in this kind of facilities. He was assured that such apartments could be sold immediately.

The estimated cost per square meter of living space is 2,500 euros, and the entire project is estimated at 20 million euros.

Banks say that the direct financial participation of an investor is one of the obligatory conditions 

According to Stojan Oštir, banks were willing to cooperate provided the direct financial participation of an investor.

The Ljubljana City Council has no plans to overhaul the entire Parmovo Street in the context of a possible construction of a residential complex. The reconstruction is provided only in connection with the construction of facilities in the southern part of the Parmovo Street that is near the Mosque.

However, as part of the OPPN 322 project, the City Council plans to renovate intersections and extend the Bežigrad and the Židan Brothers streets. The construction of a new highway, which will connect both streets, is provided right near the stone railroad haul.