Political Science Summer School in Koper: Announcement

Freedom Today—a Question or an Answer?

Koper, 26–28 August 2016, the Koper Regional Museum, Kidričeva Street 19

Free admission. Application deadline: 15 August 2016.

Registration: docs.google.com


About the Summer School

The Summer School on the “Political Science: Researching Policy, Ethics and Society” (Politologija: študij politike, etike in družbe) training program is a three-day meeting of teachers, students and all concerned public. The key theme of the event is the modern range of problems concerning freedom and awareness of the glorious heritage of ancestors who meditated on its nature.

Lectures, discussions and round tables will be held as part of the Summer School. The emphasis will be placed on the interpersonal communication of its participants, on a collective discussion and reflection.

The event is scheduled to hold a round table, where we will discuss the specific events in Luka Koper and numerous protest movements of Koper residents. Of course, this event will be held in the context of interpretation and reflections on freedom, on what appearance it has from the modern generations’ point of view.

More information is provided on our page in Facebook.


Source: fm-kp.si