“Potato Holidays” Start in Slovenia

“Potato holidays”, the first school holidays in the new academic year, have recently started for the Slovenian schoolchildren. Soon, 179,500 pupils of elementary schools (grades 1–9) and 74,000 secondary school students (grades 9–11) will return to studies on 6 November.

During the holidays, a number of cultural and entertainment events and creative workshops for schoolchildren will take place in Slovenia (the majority of which are provided for free). Ljubljana public institutions have prepared a rich entertainment programme. For example, in Ljubljana, children will be able to learn about the peculiarities of life in the Middle Ages. The Mladi Zmaji Organisation prepared for schoolchildren the autumn adventures (Slovene: jesenske avanture), which is a cycle of cognitive activities under the guidance of specialists. The Ljubljana Zoo will hold the Days of Wizard event (Slovene: Čarovniški dnevi) for schoolchildren.

Associations, members of the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (Slovene: Zveza prijateljev mladine Slovenije), also prepared numerous creative workshops for the period of autumn holidays. In Maribor, children will participate in art, entertainment and dance activities. In Celje, students will be able to take part in free sports competitions in bowling, swimming, ice-skating, badminton, table tennis, martial arts and athletic climbing. Creative workshops will work in the Primorska region as well. Autumn holidays in Slovenia are called “potato holidays” (Slovene: krompirjeve počitnice), because earlier this period was also related to the potato harvest time.

Source: siol.net