Potica Cake to Be Protected as a Slovene Traditional Exclusive Dish

Slovenian potica cake, which won fame for the whole world thanks to Pope Francis, will be protected as a traditional Slovenian dish. The protection will cover the exclusive recipe, the process of cooking and the ingredients. The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry assumed the leading role in the harmonization of recipes and fillings.

The Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, in cooperation with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized a series of closed potica cake tastings for the development of an optimal recipe for cooking potica dough and fillings.

Agreed prescriptions were tested in various bakeries, and the dough recipe was approved according to the obtained results. It was also agreed that five kinds of potica cake will be protected: with a nut filling, with nuts and raisins, with raisins, with tarragon, with tarragon and cottage cheese.

The protection process will start with the applicant submitting the application, which should contain a specification describing the production procedure, ingredients, fillings, etc. The specification should indicate the documents confirming the use of the official name – “Slovenska potica”.

Then the Ministry of Agriculture will publish the specification on its website and send it for review and examination to the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Healthy Nutrition, Veterinary and Plant Protection. The specification will be officially published for 30 days and during this period, any person or organization can submit comments to it. Possible comments will be considered by expert commissions, which include culinary experts, food technologists and nutrition experts.

Manufacturers, who want to mark their products with a protected exclusive name, will have to obtain a certificate. If the production process in a particular bakery conforms to the specification, the official body will issue an authorization document – a certificate stating that the product using a legally protected exclusive name is truly authentic. Producers will be required to undergo the certification procedure once a year.

Earlier, the Slovenes already defended “Prekmurska gibanica” (Prekmurje layer cake), “Idrijski žlikrofi” (flour dumplings with sauce) and “Belokranjska pogača” (Bela Krajina flatbread) as their traditional exclusive dishes.

Potica is among the most famous culinary masterpieces of Slovenia. Therefore, the Slovenian Tourism Organization pays special attention to this dish when holding various events. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its page on Twitter notes that Slovenia is the birthplace of not only potica, but also the “Teran” wines and “Kranjska klobasa” (Carniolian sausage). On the Slovenian Tourism Organization’s website slovenia.info, you can find detailed information about potica in English.

According to the data of two out of the three largest manufacturers of bakery products, Slovenian producers have not yet succeeded in exporting potica. The Pekarna Pečjak bakery does not sell it abroad at all, while Žito exports potica only in small amounts. However, producers adapt to the needs of consumers and market conditions, developing a reduced “snack” copy of potica.

The Žito želja Company seeks to expand the export of bakery products, including potica, because it improves the reputation of Slovenian bakery products, which are gaining increasing popularity abroad. For example, buckwheat bread with nuts is sold even in the Canary Islands. The company also plans to export its products to Australia and North America.

Source: delo.si