Preparations for Manufacturing the High-Tech Clio Cars

This year, Revozu will manufacture 130,000 cars, and early next year it will start manufacturing additional models.

Ljubljana. In the current year, the production of cars in the Renault plant in Novo Mesto will make 130,000 units. This figure is far from that the plant had during its record-setting years. However, after adding the Clio model, the Revoz Company has opened new perspectives for the production volume growth.

Recently, the Company has produced nearly two thirds of Twings and more than one third of Smarts because the sales of one of these models started in China.

The plant representatives note that according to their data, the Twing model orders are stable and do not require further optimization of the production process so far.

In the current year, the Revoz Company will also start manufacturing the Smart Forfour EV model of electromobiles and sports models Brabus and Twing GT. As the Company notes, these projects are interesting, but extra ones, which can only marginally increase the overall production volume indices.

Статистика фінансових показників компанії Revoz за 2011-2015 роки

The statistics of financial indicators of the Revoz Company for 2011–2015 (top to bottom): Turnover in millions of euros; Revenue in millions of euros; The number of cars manufactured; The number of employees (excluding workers employed through the intermediary agencies on the labour market)

New Personnel

At present the Company has hired 100 workers to increase the daily production rate up to 44 cars (previously it was 38 cars). This will be a kind of compensation for the planned brief stop of manufacture due to the modernization of the Clia IV model assembly line. Its manufacture in Novo Mesto will pay for itself at the beginning of 2017, and by the end of this year, it will be necessary to hire another 300 new employees to implement the set tasks. They, like the first one hundred novices, will be hired through agencies. The plant representatives hope that the increased production volume at 2.5 shifts will keep its dynamics to the end of 2017.

The Company does not yet talk about its plans concerning production volumes for the next year, including the Clia IV model as well. However, it is worth mentioning that the production volumes in Revozu during the record-setting years 2009–2010 exceeded 200,000 cars per year.