Presentation of Student Projects at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University of Nova Gorica

The first and second year students studying on the “Environment” Bachelor’s program at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences ( re-presented the results of their joint projects on the day of projects presentation, on 3 June.

Both groups of the first year students have already presented the first results and at the same time prepared the first intermediate written reports. In particular, one group studies the presence of toxins in microalgae, while the second group tends to determine the level of air pollution in specific areas of the Primorska region by analysing the rainwater.

A group of the second year students, which in collaboration with the Škocjan Caves Park (Škocjanske jame) is preparing a project named “The Phenomenon of Emerging Ecosystems within the Biospheric Kras Region”, achieved a tangible progress and presented its current results to Master Vanji Debevec Gerjevich, the head of the Centre for the Škocjan Caves Park Research and Development Issues.

At this time, on the day of projects presentation, the students also hosted guests — their business collaborates from the Slovenian 2TM Company, which is mainly engaged in the promotion of education in Slovenia among foreign students. As part of their visit, the guests had an opportunity to learn more about both the features of the project work carried out by the students of the University of Nova Gorica and the specifics of the foreign students participation in the learning process.

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A Ukrainian student Maria Perepelitsa also shared her impressions with us upon the completion of projects presentation. Maria is a student of the Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy named after A.N. Beketov. She currently studies at the University of Nova Gorica on an exchange program.

The guests had a special excursion along the laboratories of the University of Nova Gorica in Rožna Dolina and Vipava as well as in the Lantieri mansion and its surroundings.