President of Yaskawa Europe and Mayor of the Municipality of Kočevje Sign an Agreement on Land Plot Purchase to Build a Factory in Slovenia

The Yaskawa Company signed an agreement on land plot purchase to construct a factory in Slovenia for the production of robots.

When signing the agreement, the President of Yaskawa Europe Manfred Stern said that his company cooperated well with the Government of Slovenia and the Municipality. He expressed special thanks to Vladimir Prebilič, who, according to him, not only organized the whole process, but also managed to convince inhabitants that Yaskawa investment was of historical importance for the Municipality.

“For the Yaskawa Company, the cooperation at the local level is also of great significance because the infrastructure is not worth anything if there is no qualified staff,” Manfred Stern emphasizes. Stern is convinced that in Kočevje they will be able to find suitable employees. He also believes that Yaskawa faces many opportunities for further growth in Kočevje.

Vladimir Prebilič describes the signing of the agreement as a great moment, which means a “new countdown of years” for the Municipality of Kočevje. He is convinced that it is the beginning of a new economic boom for the entire Municipality. Prebilič confirms that residents of the Municipality are very excited about this event. He believes that the launch of new training programs tailored to the staffing needs of the Yaskawa Company will lead to success. The signing of the agreement, according to him, clearly shows that Kočevje can provide good business conditions to other investors.

The new factory will employ 170 to 200 people. The start of serial robot production in Slovenia is expected in autumn 2018. According to Manfred Stern, at first, they will manufacture only robots in Kočevje, and later he plans to expand the product range. It is expected that over time, the output will reach 6,000 robots per year. The cost of investment is 25 million euros. The Government will provide 5.6 million euros.