Presidential Candidates of Slovenia Meet in Informal Surroundings

Angelca Likovič, one of the presidential candidates of Slovenia at the last elections, invited her recent competitors to her place and treated them with a potica cake. The communication of politicians took place in an informal, friendly atmosphere.

According to the results of the recent presidential elections, Angelca Likovič was at the bottom of the list. However, the Slovenian public will definitely remember this woman. During the pre-election campaign, she published a potica cake recipe on her advertising leaflet. Angelca Likovič also treated journalists who gathered in the press centre in anticipation of the election results.

This time, she invited her recent opponents at the presidential elections to her home in Grosuplje for potica cake, as well as tea, mulled wine, prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurje layer cake) and other treats. According to Likovič, she wanted to finish her participation in such an important event with dignity. Borut Pahor, Marjan Šarec, Romana Tomc, Ljudmila Novak and Andrej Šiško took part in the meeting.

The guests praised the hospitality of the hostess. An informal atmosphere of the meeting was interrupted for a while by Andrej Šiško, who refused to shake hands with the President Borut Pahor. In general, laughter and good mood prevailed at the table. The hostess was pleased with the meeting. She also treated the journalists present at the meeting with her pastry.