Pr’Hostar Comedy Is the Most Popular Slovenian Film

The Pr’Hostar comedy became the most popular Slovenian film. In total, 209,859 viewers have already watched it. The second place belongs to the former ranking leader—the Gremo mi po svoje comedy (208,646 viewers). The Petelinji zajtrk comedy (183,093 viewers) is on the third place.

Director of Pr’Hostar is Luka Marčetič. Goran Hrvaćanin and Dejan Krupić wrote the script and became the main characters of the movie. After the film was released, critics and viewers have already called it a “sensation”.

The film has started beating all records since its release date. It received the first gold award for 25,000 viewers at the end of the first week, the second award was presented a week later, and the third one after another 11 days, and then the big gold awards followed. As a result, almost 3 months later, it became the most popular film of 2016. Its authors were also awarded with Žaromet journalists’ awards as well as 2 gold awards for 150,000 and 200,000 viewers, respectively.

Four years ago, the Internet series Pr’Hostar became a real Slovenian phenomenon on YouTube. The team of producers and directors, known to the general public by the films Car, Krastać and Carice, shot the adventures of brave guys from Upper Carniola. The film is replete with juicy speech and bright images. After the series started collecting half a million and even more than a million views, its creators shot a feature film.

Comedy introduces viewers to the idyllic terrain of the Upper Carniola region. Events unfold in a small Pr’Hostar Hotel, which underdoes a period of decay. A stingy manager and stubborn hotel staff are responsible for the hotel’s depressing state.