Brief Description

Повар (Kuhar)Cookы order and accepts food products and other goods for cooking. Cookы clean, wash, and prepare food products or assign this work to the service staff in the kitchen. They cook and decorate hot and cold dishes and desserts according to the daily menu.

Main Objectives of Professional Activity

Cooking of a wide range of simple and basic dishes and basic bakery and confectionery products, taking into account the needs of different categories of consumers.Cook's professional activity is carried out in food outlets and includes the following activities:
  1. Cooking dishes, beverages and culinary specialties, and other products of various assortments.
  2. Evaluating the availability of stocks of raw and semi-finished food products required to cook dishes, beverages and culinary specialties.
  3. Assessing the availability of personnel and material resources required to cook dishes, beverages and culinary specialties.
  4. Making orders of raw and semi-finished food products used to cook dishes, beverages and culinary specialties.
  5. Preparing food product reports on the production of dishes, beverages and culinary specialties.
  6. Monitoring the storage and consumption of food products used in the production of dishes, beverages and culinary specialties.

Scope of Application

Cook's professional activity is carried out at public catering enterprises of various types and forms of ownership.Cooks can work in a prestigious hotel with a large number of daily menus and a la carte restaurants, in a ship restaurant or in a specialized restaurant (e.g. a seafood restaurant), in a local cafe with national cuisine or in a snack bar.Besides, cooks can work in a hospital, in a kindergarten, in a nursing home, in a student dining room or in a canteen at a military unit, or in a kitchen in a private company. Recently, cooking and express delivery of food called catering have grown into fashion. In this case, food is cooked in the central building, and then dishes are delivered to the customer's address. This may be a birthday party held in an apartment or a company welcoming guests in its office. Catering also includes delivery of food by airplane or other means of transport, arrangement of banquets, cocktails, and weddings, or cooking at the customer's premises. Cook can find work and as an expert in producing frozen foods.

Work Tools and Devices

Cooks use the following devices:
  1. kitchen, serving and transportation utensils and food containers, cutlery and kitchen tools;
  2. devices for machining, universal food processors, vegetable grinders, vegetable washing machines, meat grinders, devices for meat grinding, cutting and making up, devices for whipping and spinning, apparatus for dough processing and forming;
  3. heating units, cookers, cooking tops, pans and baking trays, meat and baking ovens, deep fryers, barbecues and grills, steam convection ovens and universal food preparation machines, microwave ovens;
  4. dish washing machines;
  5. cooling devices and ice cream makers;
  6. containers for recycling household waste, thermoses and reservoirs;
  7. kitchen equipment for cooking under high pressure, various tools and small inventory;
  8. transport trolleys, conveyors and elevators for carrying and transporting food products and dishes.
When working, cooks need kitchen towels, cleaning and slicing devices, napkins, sponges, brushes, brooms and mops. For cooking, they use food of animal and vegetable origin, spices and condiments, as well as water. To maintain cleanliness, cooks use mechanical and chemical cleaners, disinfection and disinfestation agents.Numerous working documentation is of great importance as well: specifications, applications, recipes, invoices, menus, price lists, calculations, accounting records for semi-finished products and daily consumption of food, customer feedback books, and records of possible harm. When working, cooks wear a uniform, a hat, and comfortable shoes and take into account the requirements of occupational safety.


Cook's task is to cook a la carte or specially ordered dishes. He should cook dishes according to the principles of preserving their nutritional value, while taking into account their taste, nourishment and pleasant appearance.


  1. Secondary general education.
  2. Vocational education: vocational training programs for workers and clerks, retraining programs for workers and clerks.
While studying, cooks get acquainted with the technologies of cooking, learn how to work with food and ready-made meals, study quantitative standards, programming and nutrition planning, hygienic standards and technical regulations. They learn how to manage their work and use professional literature.

Knowledge and Skills

Psychophysical Abilities

Cooks should professionally distinguish colours, tastes and smells; have sleight of hand and fingers; maintain order, cleanliness and personal neatness; have an aesthetic taste, skills of rational work and time management. Cooks work standing, bending, bending over, turning, picking up and carrying light and average weight loads. Therefore, this profession is not recommended for people with flat feet.

Requirements for Individual Features

  1. Can-do attitude.
  2. Self-discipline.
  3. Precision.
  4. Creativity of thinking.

Working Conditions

Cooks work at considerable temperature variations, in a draught, in premises with sharp smells and steam, evaporation and humidity, dampness and noise. When working, there is a danger of being cut or injured by sharp instruments, hot objects, pressure devices, falling down and hurting yourself on a slippery surface. Work in shifts, sometimes at night.


Possible injuries and illnesses: cuts, punctures, burns, bruises and colds. Cooks should use protective means and work uniform.


  1. High demand in the labour market.
  2. A sufficiently high level of salaries.
  3. Opportunity for career growth.
  4. Prestige.
  5. Realization of creative potential.

Special Conditions for Admission to Work

  • Availability of medical records, passing compulsory preliminary (upon admission to employment) and periodic medical examinations (surveys), as well as extraordinary medical examinations (surveys) in accordance with the legislation.
  • Cooks should be at least 18 years old if working with alcohol-containing dishes, beverages and culinary products.

Prospects for Employment

  • Currently Slovenia provides the following vacancies. In the search bar, write the name of desired profession "Cook" in the Slovenian language.

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