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Long-Distance Driver, Driver

Brief Description

Van and truck drivers work in various branches of industry. They can work as drivers in the construction sector or in the field of domestic and foreign freight forwarding services. Long-distance drivers are considered to be truck drivers engaged in bulk movement or transportation of large consignments over long distances.Long-distance drivers form a kind of brotherhood, which consists of courageous and professional people. You would never meet a driver who, caught in a difficult situation, remains without help. All drivers working on long-distance routs firmly adhere to the principles of mutual assistance and supportiveness.Водитель

Main Objectives of Professional Activity

Driving trucks of various categories and subcategories in compliance with security requirements, performing urban, suburban, intercity and international transportation of cargo of various types in compliance with safety requirements.

Job Description

  1. Safe truck handling.
  2. Checking the safety and serviceability of truck before and during the transportation.
  3. Registering documents and meeting requirements thereto mandatory for truck handling and transportation.
  4. Cargo transportation.
  5. Compliance with and provision of safety measures in cargo transportation.
  6. Compliance with and provision of safety measures in the events of road accidents and inability to drive a truck.
  7. Improving the professionally important qualities and skills of a driver and supporting the continuity of professional development.

Work Tools and Devices

A long-distance driver uses the following tools and devices:
  1. Tachograph. With tachograph cards, it is possible to identify the cardholder based on the recording equipment as well as to transfer and store the received data. Tachograph can be used as an evidence base in the event of any accidents or police checks.
  2. Means of radio operational communication set for a certain frequency. When communicating, drivers can exchange information about the situation on roads, accidents, prices for technical services and in shops. However, the main purpose of such radio communication is an opportunity of reporting on unforeseen situations to a traffic controller and informing nearby drivers about the need for technical or emergency assistance.


Driver’s service is a timely executed order and a proper delivery of goods to the right place. Services for transportation of cargoes for long distances are in demand regardless of the type of enterprise. At present, the need for services provided by truck drivers is very high. This is due to the stable development of small and medium-sized businesses.


A professional driver must first obtain a driver’s license of category C and E. It is highly desirable to obtain a specialized vocational education in the field of auto mechanics. An alternative is to complete the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Courses on Truck Driving. The new legislation in the field of motor transport and cargo transportation provides that every professional driver must receive a Certificate of National Vocational Qualification. On the other hand, the condition of having a certain level of education is cancelled. Now it is enough for drivers to have basic level of education (9 years of education – primary + secondary professional as one of the options). To work in the European Union, it is desirable to master a school level of the English language.

Knowledge and Skills

A candidate who wishes to work as a long-distance driver should meet certain conditions.Must-have:
  1. Full secondary vocational education, preferably on the “Auto Mechanic” programme with a permit to repair vehicles if necessary.
  2. Driving license of categories C and E for driving vehicles of various sizes, mainly for driving trucks and vans.
Given that driver participates in transportation by driving a large or small vehicle, it is also necessary to have experience of similar work and communication with other drivers.

Requirements for Individual Features

The profession imposes heightened requirements to physical strength, driver’s endurance, vision acuity and colour perception, flexibility and mobility of arms, legs and whole body, vestibular apparatus, ability to concentrate, to have good visual-motor coordination, spatial imagination and technical thinking, to be neat and balanced.

Medical Contraindications:

  1. diseases of the respiratory system;
  2. diseases of the musculoskeletal system (radiculitis, osteochondrosis, etc.);
  3. diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  4. mental disorders;
  5. defects of hearing and vision.

Working Conditions

Drivers work in a confined space, such as a truck cab heated in winter and cooled in summer. Drivers perform not only their direct driving duties, but also maintenance works in the upright or arbitrary position. These works should be carried out outside the vehicle, often in wet weather, in conditions of air pollution, in a tunnel and in an environment with sharp odours. Different time zones, difference in climatic conditions and even national differences in traditional nutrition can lead to adverse effects on the organism.


The work of a driver is associated with the risk of an accident, but much greater danger lies in working outside the vehicle. Long-distance drivers are instructed on movement and protection on the road, but there is a risk of injury due to inattention of other road users. Drivers wear appropriate protective clothing and can use other protective equipment as well. Severe working conditions lead to the emergence of a number of occupational diseases, such as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system and, of course, the musculoskeletal system.

Prospects for Employment

Currently Slovenia provides the following vacancies. In the search bar, write the name of desired profession in the Slovene language. Note that there are many different types of drivers. We recommend writing not only “Voznik tovornjaka”, but simply “Voznik” as well.

Average level of driver's salary

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