Professors from the University of Maribor Receive Government Awards

The awards provided by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of education were presented during the events dedicated to the International Teacher’s Day.

Among the laureates, there are two professors from the University of Maribor: Dr. Majda Šlajmer Japelj (Faculty of Health Sciences) and Dr. Majda Schmidt Krajnc (Faculty of Education and Philosophy).

The Maribor University Honorary Doctorate Majda Šlajmer Japelj was awarded for her long-term work in the sphere of higher education. She is a well-known expert in the field of nursing at the national and international level, has played a major role in the development of nursing education and research in the field of nursing.

Dr. Majda Schmidt Krajnc received her award for the high achievements in higher education. A rich professional and scientific career of the professor of special pedagogy at the Department of Fundamental Pedagogical Disciplines is based on the experience in solving applied pedagogical problems.