Promenade in Velenje Is Announced Best of Best at the Contest in Germany

It was designed by the architect Dean Lah (Enota Bureau). According to the Iconic Design Awards commission, the white concrete promenade is an excellent example of landscape design. The award ceremony will be held on 4 October in Munich.

The Promenade in Velenje project involves the development of the pedestrian part in the city centre and of the bridge over the Paka River. According to the representatives of the competitive commission, this is a perfect example of successful landscape design with modern urban colouring.

The promenade of white concrete is located between the Cankar Street and the Velenje Medical Centre. It was enhanced in 2014 due to the pretty worn out public utilities. Previously, it was awarded various international awards and was declared the third most interesting object of landscape design in Europe.

The municipality of Velenje has noticed that for three years the promenade with a stepped amphitheatre on the bank of the Paka River has become an important place for communication and recreation of its residents, as well as a place for holding mass events.