Ptuj Cooks Bake Sixty Thousand Krofs per Day During the Pancake Week

During the Shrovetide celebration, 350 thousand krofs (doughnuts with jam) are baked in the oldest city of Slovenia. This is approximately 60,000 pieces per day. For 1 hour of work, Ptuj confectioners sprinkle by hand 1,200 krofs with powdered sugar.

The main caloric “blow” occurs on Fat Thursday (Slovene: Debeli četrtek), when mainly fatty dishes like pork ribs, Ocvirkova potica cake and krofs are served to the table.

The Fat Thursday is considered as an unofficial feast of fats and kilocalories. On this day, many people forget about their diets. The traditional Ptuj Kurent’s soup, the recipe of which is about 200 years old, is served for the first course. This year, one of the Ptuj restaurants, Gostilna Ribič, has extended its festive menu with pork loin (main course), mashed potatoes with smoked bacon, and cannelloni[*] with buckwheat and porcini mushrooms (second courses).

Famous Ptuj doughnuts, or krofs, are cooked by a special shift of confectioners, who work 24 hours per day during the Shrovetide period. During the Kurentovanje event, the local Ptuj bakery uses for this purpose 21 tons of flour, 7 tons of jam and 16 tons of sugar.


[*] Cannelloni is a sort of Italian pasta in the form of thick tubes about 2–3 cm in diameter. These Italian macaroni are also called manicotti. In spite of the fact that both terms denote the same product, it is customary to call the already cooked pasta tubes as manicotti. While the raw sheets of pasta, which you need to fold, are called cannelloni. Tubes are stuffed with minced meat, cheese, greens, vegetables or mushrooms, put into a baking dish, poured with sauce (a classic tomato or béchamel sauce) and baked in the oven. Grated Parmesan is added to the sauce for a piquant taste.