Ptuj to Turn into Ancient Rome on the Weekend

The streets and squares of Slovenia’s oldest town will be filled with gladiators, legionnaires, senators, vestals and other “citizens of Rome”. The atmosphere of the Emperor Trajan era will reign during the 10th Rome Games.

Over 800 participants from 6 countries of the world will present the life and customs of Ancient Rome, thus returning Ptuj into the era of the ancient Poetovio. Guests can taste dishes and drinks of the ancient era and try on the clothes of the ancient Romans.

Two thousand years ago, the present Ptuj was a powerful city. At first, it was a fort and later became an important commercial and industrial centre. The current games will start with the opening of the Roman camp Poetovio na Štukih.

A procession will parade along the streets of the city on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. It will later participate in the theatrical performance, which is to be held at the city market and near the monument to Orpheus. On Sunday, the events for family leisure activities and children’s creative workshops will be held. The Roman camp is also open for children, where the young guests of the festival can feel like real Romans.

The event is held for the tenth year under the auspices of the local society Poetovio LXIX. According to its president Andrej Klasinca, the current event will be held under the symbolic patronage of Emperor Trajan. The 1900th anniversary of his death falls just in 2017.

“He played an important role in the development of the city of that epoch, because in 103 A.D., Poetovio was called after his imperial name, and reached its peak of development during his reign,” the president of Poetovio LXIX notes.