The Rate of Unemployment in Slovenia Continues to Decline

In February, as compared to January, the rate of unemployment in Slovenia decreased by 2.3%. Moreover, in comparison with February 2016, the number of unemployed persons decreased by 12.7% (14,700 people). The total number of persons who do not have official work in Slovenia amounted to 101,339 people.

Reducing the rate of unemployment at the average monthly level was recorded in all regional branches of the Statistics Service. Most significantly, the unemployment rate decreased in Novo Mesto (-5%) and Sevnica (-4.8%). The fastest pace of decrease in the rate of unemployment in Slovenia at an average annual level was recorded in Novo Mesto (-23.6%), which makes 4,645 unemployed persons (February 2017). In the regional offices of the Statistics Service, the same number of unemployed persons decreased by 9–17%. In Celje, where 11,241 people remain unemployed, the number of job seekers in February 2017 was 10% lower than a year ago. In Maribor, 13,873 people (- 9.8%) are looking for a job. In Ljubljana, 28,204 people are in search of employment (the unemployment rate decreased by 11.8%).

For the first time, the register of unemployed persons was extended with the data of 5,919 people, which is 10.9% less than in the same period last year and 54.4% less than in January 2017. The most common reason for filing the application (3,190 persons) is the expiry of a short-term contract. Last month, 8,316 unemployed persons cancelled their registration, wherein 6,305 of them were hired or became self-employed persons (-9.2% as compared to the same period last year).

In general, for the first two months of 2017, 19,902 persons (-8.6% as compared to January–February 2016) registered with the Statistics Service, wherein 11,582 of them ended their short-term contracts. During the same period, 17,178 unemployed persons cancelled their registration, wherein 12,614 of them were employed successfully. This is 7.6% less than in 2016.

In February 2017, employers mostly looked for manufacturing workers, masons and long-distance drivers.

The Greatest Rates of Unemployment Reduction Are Among the Youth and Persons with Secondary Education

A shade over a half of the unemployed persons (50.6%) has been retaining their status for over a year, and their number, as compared to February 2016, decreased by slightly more than 12%. Long-term unemployed persons in Slovenia make almost 20%. In 2016, the number of people looking for their first job decreased by 15.3%. Their share is 16% among all the unemployed. The number of unemployed persons under the age of 29 years reduced by more than 20%. Therefore, now only one in five representatives of this generation is unemployed. In general, 23% of people who are now 30–39 years old are looking for a job, and their total number dropped by 16%.

Almost one in three unemployed persons (30.8%) has basic secondary education (9 forms) and low level of education. In 2016, the representatives of this group had the biggest difficulties in finding a job. Their number in the register of the Employment Service decreased by only 9%. The job applicants with secondary education managed to find a job most often. In February 2017, their number in the Employment Service was 18.5% less than in the previous year, while the number of persons with secondary vocational education reduced by 12.9%.