Raynald Joly Became the Head of the Revoz Plant

A Frenchman has taken the helm of the Revoz Plant at the time, when the company is preparing to start producing the Clia 4 model.

Novo Mesto. Raynald Joly was appointed as the new director of Revoz on 1 August. At the end of the collective vacation, the 49-year-old Frenchman will actually start running the Renault Plant.

Joly starts running the Revoz Company at the time, when the plant is preparing to launch the production of Clia 4 (in early 2017), which will complement the currently manufactured models of Renault Twing and Smart Forfour.

After graduating from the Arts et Métiers Paris Tech (ENSAM), Raynald Joly has held various positions at the Renault plants in France, Spain, Portugal, and in China just before joining the Revoz Company.

He is the second consecutive French director of Revoz, after a longstanding leadership of the Slovene Aleš Bratož, who, after several years of running the Turkish factory of the French Oyak Renault Company, this spring, has become a consultant of the Russian Avtovaz Company president.


Source: delo.si