Real Estate in Slovenia: Exclusive Housing for Your Pleasure and Earnings

Experts from the Future Real Estate, Century 21 Slovenia and Rein Group companies represent the most luxurious places in Slovenia, talk about elite real estate within the regions and assess its investment prospects.

Which regions of Slovenia feature the elite real estate objects?

Of course, expensive housing exists in the major cities, such as Ljubljana and Maribor. However, the most elite and beautiful places of the country are located in Portorož, Izola, Piran or near the lakes in the north-west of Slovenia. These are real pearls, and the offer here is very limited.

What investment opportunities are related to elite housing?

Both on the Slovenian coast and near the lakes, the real estate market is the same as everywhere: you can invest in hotels, weekend houses or even in industrial facilities. Basically, those who buy apartments for investment purposes, put their facilities in rent with the help of Booking or Airbnb.

There are housings and locations suitable for investments that are more exotic. For example, in the vicinity of Bled, glamping tourism has been actively developing for the last two years. Visitors come to live in the nature, maybe even in tents, but with exceptional comfort, eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the same territory.

Are the luxury objects more for pleasure or earnings?

Investments in elite housing, as a rule, cannot be considered as a passive investment. They need to be managed professionally or you have to find a partner who will do this for you. If you run the project yourself, then you need to do it thoroughly. In this sphere, the correct marketing approach is exceptionally important. In general, being interested in such proposals, people understand that in any case they are asking for something special. Therefore, counting on income, they do not forget about emotions.

What is the uniqueness of the offers on the Slovenian coast?

The coastline has a beautiful environment — a place where the Mediterranean air and beautiful nature merge together. For a person who bought a villa, this is the starting point for traveling through Europe. From here, you can reach Croatia, Italy, and Austria. However, the main feature of the Slovenian coast is that it is very small, only 46 kilometres, and the offers are very few. In addition, the entire coastal area is included into the EU nature protection zones. The construction here is limited, and it is almost impossible to obtain a permission for building a new facility. That is, you can buy only what has been already built…or buy nothing.

What income can be provided by the purchase of an elite housing near the sea?

Luxury villas or apartments near the sea can hardly be called the most highly profitable objects, mainly due to their high cost. For example, a villa worth 1.5–2 million euros can be rented for 3,000 euros during the season. The earnings will make 40–50 thousand euros per year without taking into account maintenance costs. Therefore, this story is rather about saving funds and buying a truly unique housing.

What income is it possible to receive in the lake area?

Here you can find no less attractive options. For example, a 150-metre apartment in a new house on the banks of Lake Bled, costing about 400,000 euros, can be leased almost all year round due to the ski resorts located nearby. Daily rent with competent management and average occupancy factor can bring 25–30 thousand euros per year, that is 6–7% per annum, which is more interesting.

However, investors can be interested in those facilities that are located far from water. For the above-mentioned glamping tourism, secluded locations are perfect.