Recommendations by the Head of the Vocational Education Centre for Undergraduate Trainees

Slovenian companies and enterprises allocate personnel scholarships to provide themselves with the necessary staff. Before choosing a scholarship and an enterprise to pay it, students need to consider the following factors.

  1. Have you chosen the right profession?

If you are going to a secondary vocational school or university, first decide whether you really want to develop in your future profession, and whether the study programme is sufficiently familiar to you. Study the profession, in which you really want to achieve success.

  1. Read attentively information about the personnel and other scholarships related to your future profession and study programme.

It is necessary to gather information about all personnel and other scholarships in the chosen profession or the study programme that you have been enrolled in and analyse it.

Attention should be paid to the following criteria:

  1. the rate of enterprise success,
  2. focus on development,
  3. indicators of work in the external and internal market,
  4. remoteness from the place of residence,
  5. communication with the educational institution, in which you study or will study.

Also, specify the size of the personnel scholarship and try to communicate with someone from the staff.

  1. Visit the scholarship donor of interest and discuss the conditions for obtaining a scholarship.

Contact your scholarship donor for more details. Contact the company and arrange a meeting with the employee of the company. In large companies, the personnel department deals with such issues, and at small firms, the owners themselves.

You must certainly ask what obligations you will have towards the scholarship donor during the internship and after it. Learn about the prospects for growth and personal development in the enterprise, as well as about possible options for further education (including the work-based studying).

  1. Do you want to devote yourself to this profession and how long do you want to depend on the scholarship donor?

Thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons and try to answer yourself the question on whether you really like this profession and whether you associate your future with it or not. Whether this enterprise (company) fulfils your interests and whether you will be able to realize your intentions.

If you are in doubt, seek help and advice from people you trust. For example, from parents, friends or a consulting agency.

An enterprise that allocates personnel scholarships chooses itself who to appoint them to. That is, it chooses those students with whom it plans to cooperate and whom it wants to see in its staff in the future. When you decide on a potential scholarship donor, try to make a good impression on him.