Record-Breaking Indicator of Wines Champions

During the Wines of Slovenia competition in Gornja Radgona, 13 brands of wine received the highest estimates.

Ljubljana. During the current competition held in the framework of the annual Agra exhibition in Gornja Radgona, the elected oenologists were very critical in their assessments of the quality of wines.

The results of the current 42nd wine-tasting competition, which is devoted to the assessment of the Slovenian wines quality within the international context, are more than optimistic. The champion titles were given to 11 brands of wine.

The official announcement of wine brands that won the competition and presentation of all awards will take place on the Day of Winemakers at the 54th international Agra exhibition of agricultural and consumer industry achievements, which will start in Gornja Radgona in late August.

Wine-tasting triplet

The wines were evaluated by 4 commissions composed of Slovenian oenologists and foreign guests chaired by Mojmir Wondra, the head of the Department of Winemaking Technology at the Ljubljana University Faculty of Biotechnology. The total of 175 producers with 493 brands of wine attended both professional and very serious wine-tastings. In general, 166 producers from 5 countries with 468 wine brands, which oenologists awarded with 11 championship titles, 27 great gold medals, 93 gold medals and 258 silver medals, participated in the 42nd Wines of Slovenia competition in Gornja Radgona. Besides, 9 producers from Austria and Slovenia with 25 brands of wine participated at the 6th wine-tasting competition devoted to wines made of grapes grown in organic conditions.

This year, the journalistic wine-tasting competition has been held for the second time. This time it assesses the “Sauvignon” brand of 2015 vintage with a small amount of sugar. The assessing commission included Darinko Kores, Marjeta Šoštarič, Jože Rozman, Bruno Gaberšek and Drago Vovk.

A variety of flavours

The Chairman of both wine-tasting commissions Mojmir Wondra commented on the publication of competition results and said that “the quality of the assessed wines is a reflection of the wonderful harvest, which gave us a beautiful bouquet of smells and flavours.” According to him, such a large number of awarded gold medals can be explained by the high quality of the presented wine brands. “I am particularly delighted with the dry white and red matured wines. Some of them have reached high results of 90 points. It is worth noting that more than half of the presented wine brands were awarded silver medals. These are the wine brands that meet the tastes of both professionals and amateurs. Not far behind them are the champagne brands. However, there could have been more of them given the large number of manufacturers and an unfilled market niche. The last day of the competition was devoted to buying out the original wines of “BIO” category. They completely belied the view of some people who believe that those were the wines with an “innate” mistake. However, this is not so. My congratulations to all winemakers. The journalistic wine-tasting competition was also quite successful. It provided serious evaluation of the “Sauvignon” wines of 2015 vintage and announced the champion,” Mojmir Wondra summed up the results of both competitions.