Repair Work on the Razdrto–Vipava–Ajdovščina Highway Is Planned for 2018

In 2018, it is planned to repair the Razdrto–Vipava–Ajdovščina highway in 2018. Three pilot sections of road should be improved and equipped with windshields with a total length of 1.6 km. The project is estimated at 609,738 euros.

At the beginning of next year, the worn roadbed of the Vipava highway will be replaced as well. The work will be performed by the Kolektor CPG Company (Nova Gorica) in cooperation with CPK Koper. The total cost of work is almost 12.4 million euros.

A section of the express freeway between Ajdovščina and the settlement of Selo was renovated in summer, and the remaining two worn sections of the highway will be developed in early 2018. In total, almost 8 km of road surface will be replaced. At the exit from Vipava, the improvement works will begin about 2 km before the turn to Ajdovščina and will pass to the segment where the previous repair was completed last summer.

As part of these works, the worn roadbed will also be replaced at the road section from the turn to Ajdovščina, on the bridges and subways. Workers will replace both asphalt and waterproofing. Road at the Lijak viaduct will be extended. Other measures to improve the security of transportation will also be implemented. The existing traffic lay-bys will be extended and extended, while the carriageways will be separated with a concrete barrier, which will allow for a higher level of protection.

The Vipava autobahn is not too loaded with passenger traffic, but it carries out quite intensive cargo transportation.