Report on Defending Student Project on the Reconstruction and Expansion of Elementary School in Graz (the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture)

The final presentation of the “Urban Renewal of the School with CLT Modular Elements” projects was held in the Plecnik’s auditorium at the University of Maribor at 3:00 PM, on Monday 30 May. The pro:Holz Austria Company, TU Graz, the University of Zagreb and FGPA UM participated in the presentation.

The task was to develop the concept of repair and reconstruction of the elementary school in Graz with the CLT modular structures. During two months, the students prepared a sketch of this project. They analysed it from the architectural, civil engineering and energy point of view.

The project involved 12 students (4 groups) of the Master’s program on “Architecture and Civil Engineering”. FGPA UM.

Tomaž Meznarič (architecture), Nina Šavc (architecture), Matevž Zih (civil engineering), Davor Fistrič (architecture), Goran Markuš (architecture), Anže Kotnik  (architecture), Amanda Jus (civil engineering), Lea Podvratnik (architecture), Boštjan Turk (architecture),Matevž Zih  (civil engineering), Jaka Potočnik (architecture), Uroš Pokeržnik (architecture), and Jerneja Završki  (civil engineering).

The work was carried out in an extracurricular format in the form of afternoon workshops, critical discussions and lectures led by:


Prof. Dr. Miroslav Premrov, the Department of Building Constructions;
Associate Prof. Dr. Vesna Žegarac Leskovar, the Department of Architecture;
Assistant Mateja Držečnik, the Department of Building Constructions;
Assistant Maja Žigart, the Department of Architecture


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schickhofer, the Institute of Wood Construction and Wood Processing Technology (Institut für Holzbau und Holztechnologie);

Prof. Hans Gangoly, the Institute of Building Sciences (Institut für Gebäudelehre).

The expert commission was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the excellent results and the student projects created in such a short period of time. Its members sincerely congratulated the students with a significant professional achievement.

After a lengthy discussion, the expert commission announced the winner — the project by Tomaž Meznarič, Nina Šavc and Matevž Zih.

As a reward, two students-architects were invited to a one-month summer professional internship in the “Gangoly & Kristiner” architect firm, and one student from the “Civil Engineering” program was invited to a one-month professional internship in the “Institut für Holzbau und Holztechnologie” in TU Graz (the Technical University, Graz, Austria).

The workshop aimed to deepen the knowledge of the future architecture and construction engineers in the field of wood construction and, above all, to familiarize the students with practice as well as to establish communication between the experts, the industry and the university. Based on the positive feedbacks and excellent results, the workshop participants and their mentors hope that this event will take place in the next academic year as well.

The presentation and exhibition of all projects (the University of Maribor and the University of Zagreb) will be held on 1 September during the International Exhibition for Woodworking in Celovce (Klagenfurt, Austria). Besides, a publication with the description of all prepared projects will be issued.