Report on the Maribor University Students Tour to Croatia

The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport and Architecture of the University of Maribor, in cooperation with student organizations, organized a two-day professional excursion with the inspection of three construction sites and a visit to a similar faculty at the University of Rijeka.

On 25 May 2017, during a tour to Zadar, students visited the construction site in the territory of the Supernova Shopping Centre, where the second phase of installation and construction works for modernization and expansion of the Centre is lasting. The site is intended for launching a multifunctional shopping centre with a total area of ​​67,770 square meters and with 200 different shops and 2,400 parking lots.

Then the students inspected the construction site of the Gaženice port (Zadar) in its third phase of building a passenger terminal for local and international navigation. In 2015, a port berthing with five piers was built here. The project will cost 240 million euros.

The Engineering Executive in Zadar is the Strabag d.o.o. Company, which uses the formwork systems produced by the Peri firm. On 26 May, the students visited the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Rijeka University, where they had a tour around the campus and laboratories.

After lunch in the university canteen, the students visited the construction site of the Rijeka University Clinical Centre (phase I), which involves digging a pit with mines, clearing the site and other earthwork operations. The contractor is GPP “Mikić” d.o.o. The budget of this construction project is 500 million euros.

Before returning home, the students were invited to the Rodica vineyard in Marezige, where they visited a wine cellar, learned the intricacies of grapes growing and processing and tasted local wines.