Report on the Summer School of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana

A record number of 550 students from more than 50 countries all over the world flooded the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana. The Summer School Program “Take the Best of East and West” has been held at the Faculty of Economics since 2000. Each year, the interest in it grows. Therefore, 38 Slovenian and foreign teachers from the best universities around the world instruct students from Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs in 30 subjects.

Each year, the participants of the Summer School distinguish a number of its advantages. These are not only the contemporary interesting subjects, for which they can receive credit scores, but also the multinational nature of students and faculty members, encouraging the cooperation and teamwork, emphasis on mutual respect, despite the difference of cultures and traditions, as well as the stimulation of friendship and mutual assistance. The Summer School has one more specific feature, which is a large number of participating local students.

An intensive program of lectures is held during three weeks from 4 to 22 July 2016. While during the afternoons and weekends, the participants of the Summer School observe the sights of Ljubljana and Slovenia. The study courses also involved tours to the numerous Slovenian companies.

The ceremonial reception of the Summer School participants and teachers was held in the Magistracy premises, where the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Jankovic addressed the guests with a welcoming speech.

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The list of participating countries presented by the intramural students:

1. Albania
2. Australia
3. Austria
4. Belgium
5. Czech Republic
6. Montenegro
7. Denmark
8. Philippines
9. Finland
10. France
11. Croatia
12. India
13. Iraq
14. Ireland
15. Iceland
16. Italy
17. Japan
18. South Africa
19. Canada
20. Kazakhstan
21. China
22. Colombia
23. Kosovo
24. Lebanon
25. Lithuania
26. Hungary
27. Macedonia
28. Morocco
29. Mexico
30. Germany
31. Netherlands
32. Norway
33. Paraguay
34. Peru
35. Poland
36. Portugal
37. Republic of Korea
38. Romania
39. Slovakia
40. Slovenia
41. Serbia
42. Spain
43. Sweden
44. Switzerland
45. Turkey
46. Turkmenistan
47. Ukraine
48. Uzbekistan
49. United Kingdom
50. United States of America