Representatives of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Are Invited to Participate in a Seminar on the EtherCAT Industrial Network Standard

Students and employees of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering are invited to participate in the seminar on the EtherCAT industrial network standard, which will be held at the Mons Congress Centre in Ljubljana on 18 September 2019. The leader of the seminar is ETG CEO Martin Rostan, who is not only an EtherCAT expert but also an outstanding speaker. The working language of the seminar is English.

Attendance at the seminar is free. Mandatory registration is open until 17 September 2019.

EtherCAT is an industrial network standard that belongs to the Industrial Ethernet family and the technologies used for real-time distributed control. EtherCAT was developed by the German company Beckhoff. The goal of the protocol was to use Ethernet technology to automate applications that require frequent time updates (also called cycle times) with low jitter (for synchronization) and low hardware costs. EtherCAT datagrams are passed inside a standard Ethernet frame. EtherCAT is the fastest industrial Ethernet solution providing high performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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