Representatives of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty Participate in the Events Dedicated to the Winemaking Business

On Tuesday, 22 May 2018, the Primož Trubar Cultural Centre held a presentation of the collective scientific monograph “Cviček PTP Wine between Tradition and Modernity” (Slovene: Cviček PTP med tradicijo in sodobnostjo). The work was edited by the associate professor Dr. Marjetka Rangus (Maribor University Tourism Faculty) and the Director of the Novo Mesto Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Jože Simončič. A new design of the collection was provided by an academic artist from the settlement of Šentjernej, Simon Kajtna.

During the presentation, a meeting on the same topic was held. The meeting also featured presentations by the representative of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty, Barbara Pavlakovič (topic: “Cviček Wine’s Place in the Market”), and the 21st Wine Queen of Slovenia, Maja Žibert (topic: “Is Slovenia a Wine Destination?”).

The meeting was followed by a penal discussion “Cviček Wine and the World of Business”, during which entrepreneurs told about the place of wine in the daily business activities. The panel discussion was attended by the Head of Arex, Ivan Kralj; the Head of Kolpa, Mirjam Kulovec; the honorary inhabitant of the municipality of Šentjernej and the designer of the slalom track in Planica, Janez Gorišek; the Chair of the Board of Deželna Banka Slovenije, Sonja Anadolli; and the Head of Vinska Družba Slovenije, Dušan Brejc. The moderator of the panel discussion was Slobodan Jovič.

It should be noted that the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor takes part in the 46. Teden Cvička event (46th Week of Cviček Wine), which takes place in the settlement of Šentjernej on 26–27 May 2018.