Representatives of the University of Maribor Take Part in the 19th World Fried Potato Festival

On Saturday, 7 September 2019, for the eighth time in a row, the University of Maribor participated in the 19th World Fried Potato Festival – a cultural and culinary event, which this year, has been held in Postojna. Employees of the administration of the University of Maribor pleasantly surprised the guests of the festival with the university wine Meranovo and the meat and vegetable recipe for potato chips from France. The Universa sort of potato was donated to the university by the Rukav Farm from the settlement of Dobrovci.

During the event, the level of interest in the University of Maribor and its activities was very high. The university’s stand was visited by graduates of this educational institution, families with children, and numerous guests from the suburbs of Maribor and Slovenian Styria.

Next year, the anniversary festival will be organised in Sevnica. It will be traditionally held on the first Saturday of September.